Even more Pictures for the old Central Electricity Generating Board

I went to photograph the construction of an experimental transverse windmill at Camarthen Bay
In South Wales, always looking for a different angle I fixed a motorised Nikon with fisheye lens with infrared remote control to the top of the crane, Unfortunately  they were unable to bolt on part  that day,  So the crane stayed up all night , You can see my camera at the sunset  as  I left to drive back to Bath hoping that it didn't rain as the site was only a few hundred yards from the sea.   
The crane driver returned my camera undamaged a week later when he came back to Bath

I was photographing the company helicopter  around a sub-station , as it came to land I spotted a good angle and ran about 50 yards to snap this picture, the client was so pleased they ordered the 6 foot print seen above with a proud Sam

His Masters Voice.The C.E.G.B. was run by the late  Sir Walter Marshal, who was credited with keeping the lights on during the miners strike. He is seen here surrounded by senior management during a power
Station visit on Xmas Day

A helicopter
Supports  a crew of
Doing line repairs high in the Welsh hills